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The process of applying for and appealing the denial of Social Security Disability benefits can be overwhelming.  According to government statistics, the Social Security Administration denies more than 70% of first-time claims and 82% of claims that are appealed. You’re right to seek legal counsel and retain one our our experienced Social Security Disability attorneys. More than half of the cases heard by judges are approved. Let’s work diligently together to get you the benefits you deserve.  

Act quickly! If your initial Social Security Disability claim is denied, you only have 60 days to file an appeal.


When we meet with a client for the first time, it’s not uncommon for us to hand them a business card with our personal cell phone number on it. It can be shocking for a client to have that kind of access to us, but that’s the type of relationship they need. Accessibility is the best way to give them personal attention and straightforward solutions.

-Kevin Hayslett, Esq.

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If you are unable to work as the result of an illness or injury, request your free consultation with one of our responsive, caring, and aggressive Social Security Disability Attorneys.

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  • How to qualify for SSD
  • Requests for Reconsideration
  • Denials & Appeals
  • Social Security Appeals
  • Social Security Hearing
  • Compassionate Allowance
  • Supplemental Income
  • A Guide to SS Benefits
  • Do you need an attorney do your Social Security hearing?
  • Social Security FAQ’s

*Our Social Security Attorneys represent claimants on a contingency basis. That means that you will not owe us attorneys’ fees until and unless your claim is approved.

We Don’t Stop Fighting for You


What happens if we receive an unfavorable decision from the Office of Hearings and Appeals?

1. Our attorneys are prepared to go forward with an appeal to the Appeals Council.

2. If the council denies your appeal, you have the option to file an action in the United States District Court.

Client Testimonials

I was referred to Terri through a close friend. Terri proved to be everything my friend said she was. Terri and her staff were professional and very courteous. Terri answered all of my questions and was there when I needed her. I know for fact I would not have been able to obtain an approval with my social security case without her assistance. Thank you Terri for your awesome service.


Terri Cromley made everything go so easy for me. She worked hard to get what she needed to prepare before the court and did an outstanding job. I trust Terri 100% and fully recommend her to anyone who needs a caring hard working attorney. I can’t thank Terri enough for her dedication to me and delivering outstanding results.


Had to hire an attorney for my mother’s social security claim as it was continuously denied. In addition to being denied, it was also mixed up in the claims which got confusing for my mother, a person with physical and mental limitations. Antonio is a very dedicated individual, courteous, and compassionate. Oftentimes when communicating with us, he knew that my mother could not articulate certain things, or would be in pain and he was reassuring, comforting, and patient. I am glad we hired him; which by the way did not cost us anything upfront. 

I would recommend this attorney to anyone that is looking for help; Antonio L. Viera is a person that will truly fight and win for you. Thank you for the fair representation; much appreciated!


Debra was both knowledgeable and compassionate. When I decided to hire her, I felt as if I had someone on my side. She explained legal terms that I didn’t understand and gave me her expert advice on how she would handle my case. She and Bonnie were always available to speak with on the phone and kept me updated regarding my case.

I was not at all familiar with the social security disability procedure, nevertheless Sarah Raaymakers made the process less taxing. She stayed in tough and made me feel that I was in good hands. She provided information on every step of the long process. I appreciate her kindness, intelligence and her excellent communication skills.


Sarah helped me through the process of getting disability. When I would get down or have a bad day she would always listen and make me feel better. Thank you for all you have done for me, and always taking my calls.


I would definitely recommend Betty Whitman for helping me get my Disability benefits. I knew I could not do it alone so I went directly through a lawyer. She was very helpful and helped me not to give up even after I received my denials. She talked me through it all and always answered all my questions.


Choosing a disability attorney can be overwhelming to say the least. After reading many client reviews for different attorneys. I chose Betty Whitman. Betty is very sharp. Very precise. Keeps a flawless account of your medical history. Leaves no questions unanswered. After hiring miss Whitman all the aggravation was gone. I could finally relax. I knew I was in good hands. Everybody get recommendations from friends and their friends. I recommend you read the reviews. Because this is one the most important decisions your going to make for you in your life. Choosing miss Whitman was the best decision! Thank you Betty for doing an amazing job!


Matt helped me with a Social Security disability case that had me feeling frustrated and somewhat overwhelmed. He helped me understand the entire process, walked me through necessary paperwork and was a great support. He always had time for questions and never made me feel rushed or as if I were bothering him when I had a question. I would highly recommend him.


After talking with several Attorneys, I selected Matt Wheeley to represent and manage my Social Security (SDI) case. In FL the average to resolve these cases is 705 days; Matt WON my case, 100% in my favor, within 90-days. 

Matt’s knowledge of SSI/SDI is unparalleled. His responsiveness, integrity and professionalism are top notch. 

I am simply thrilled that Matt represented me, and will not hesitate to call him for any future legal needs.


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