You may be entitled to a large personal injury settlement, depending on the extent of your injuries and the role of the negligent parties on the construction site. It’s necessary to act swiftly to collect evidence, prove the fault of the liable parties, and obtain the maximum compensation you deserve. The dedicated Tampa construction site injury attorneys at Carlson Meissner & Hayslett will use their experience, legal skills, and resources to help you maximize your compensation.

OSHA Protections for Construction Workers in Florida

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is a federal agency tasked with setting standards that protect US workers’ health and safety. OSHA’s Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 provides workers with the following rights:

  • Obtaining precise information and training regarding any hazards
  • Reviewing documentation related to workplace injuries
  • Requesting a workplace inspection by OSHA
  • Not being retaliated or discriminated against for making a confidential OSHA complaint

Employers have certain obligations towards their employees, such as:

  • Providing a safe workplace
  • Working diligently to minimize and eliminate risks
  • Making employees aware of health and safety hazards
  • Notifying employees of imminent dangers
  • Providing training, information, and safety gear for hazards

If you were injured in a worksite accident, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney and familiarize yourself with your rights as a construction worker.

Liability in a Construction Accident

You have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim following a construction site accident. Workers’ compensation in Florida is no-fault insurance, so you won't need to determine or establish fault and responsibility. All you need to do is prove that you suffered an injury within the scope of your employment. It is essential to understand that you cannot sue your employer for injury if you claim workers’ compensation, even if your injury was due to their negligence or fault. Most importantly, if third-party negligence was involved in your construction accident and injury, you can sue them for maximum personal injury damages even if you receive workers’ compensation benefits. These third parties could be:

  • Contractors
  • Construction site owners
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Another construction company at the site
  • Construction material suppliers 
  • Crane, bulldozer, or other equipment third-party operators
  • Construction site or equipment maintenance providers

It’s essential to consult with our Florida construction site accident attorneys to determine whether you have a personal injury claim in addition to the workers’ compensation claim. We take all our cases on a contingency fee, so you pay nothing for top-notch legal help, starting with your obligation-free consultation.

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Damages You Can Recover in a Worksite Construction Accident

Construction accidents can affect you physically and take a mental and emotional toll. If you file a workers’ compensation claim, you can only seek medical expenses, wage replacement benefits, and vocational rehabilitation expenses. But when you file a personal injury lawsuit against a third party following the construction accident, you will be able to claim additional extensive damages in the form of:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Current and future loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

A seasoned construction accident attorney from Carlson Meissner & Hayslett can review the claim and calculate fair damages. You deserve to work with our trustworthy attorneys, that will fight for your right to maximum compensation.

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Choose the Leading Construction Injury Lawyers to Obtain Your Rightful Compensation in Florida

Carlson Meissner & Hayslett is a law firm dedicated to protecting the rights of injured construction workers. Our skilled construction site injury lawyers in Tampa will provide solid legal support and advice at every step while working hard towards recovering the maximum possible compensation.

You can count on us to aggressively advocate for your rights and ensure the largest possible financial compensation for your injuries and losses. Schedule your free and confidential consultation with us today. Call 727-306-0273 or write to us online.

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