Furthermore, poorly designed or defective medical or surgical products often get rushed through the manufacturing process and reach the market because of profit-driven companies. These devices cause serious harm to patients that entrusted their life to professionals in the hope of getting better. If you or someone you love suffered injuries in Florida due to a defective medical device, the experienced Tampa defective medical device attorneys at Carlson Meissner & Hayslett can provide assertive legal representation and fight for maximum damages on your behalf. It only takes one call and no money upfront, so call now to learn more!

What is a Defective Medical Product?

Medical devices are designed to aid in treating, diagnosing, or preventing various injuries and diseases. However, these products can endanger your life if they are defective. Product liability claims in Florida can be filed to obtain compensation for injury and losses by proving the defect occurred during the following:

Medical product design

The design is unacceptably dangerous or unsafe to use as reasonably anticipated or intended.

Device manufacturing

Human error, broken or aging machinery, and faulty gears can cause a defective medical device.

Device labeling

Failure to provide adequate warning and usage labels for the medical device may sometimes confuse the operating medical staff, leading to misuse and patient injuries.

Product marketing

The manufacturing company is responsible for the correct marketing of the device. This means the device should clearly state its use and how it can be potentially misused, leading to injury.

The manufacturing company can be liable if it fails to design, manufacture, label, or market the product correctly and safely. For example, they could be held responsible for not warning healthcare professionals and consumers about the product's risks. It’s essential to know that minor defects don’t necessarily make a device dangerous. The defect should have caused significant harm to contribute to a medical device claim.

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Is Your Medical Device Recalled for a Dangerous Defect?

You may need to be made aware of whether or not your device has been recalled by checking for recalls on the product manufacturer’s website. You can also go through the FDA website for any recalls. The best way to identify if you have a defective medical device claim is to contact a skilled attorney.

Your attorney can help you identify whether your device is recalled and what to do about the defect. They may ask you to speak with your physician. You should talk to an experienced attorney at Carlson Meissner & Hayslett if your hip implant, stent, or any other medical device caused you to suffer.

Filing a Defective Medical Product Claim in Florida

You need substantial proof to file a defective medical product claim and prove that your injuries occurred because the manufacturer was negligent. A breach of duty can arise if the company fails to warn you or your doctor about the potential risks associated with the product. You will have to link the negligence directly with your injuries and prove that you suffered damages due to the injury.

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Choose a Results-Driven Defective Medical Device Law Firm with a Record of Large Settlements and Verdicts

Our seasoned and qualified defective medical device attorneys in Tampa have extensive experience with product liability claims, including defective medical device claims. Our attorneys have handled complex claims at both federal and state levels and have successfully recovered millions in damages for victims of faulty, damaged, or malfunctioning medical devices.

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