If you are feeling overwhelmed and worried about how long the legal process to recover damages may take, you should consult with our experienced and compassionate attorneys at Carlson Meissner & Hayslett. We will fight hard to help you obtain maximum compensation in a timely manner. Here are the steps involved in a Florida personal injury lawsuit:

Hire an Experienced Attorney

Personal injury laws in Florida can be tricky and insurance companies rarely ever want to make fair payments. You should hire a trusted and knowledgeable personal injury attorney to guide you through the process. They will move fast to collect evidence and build a strong legal strategy on your behalf to get you the maximum financial compensation you deserve.

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Contact Your Insurance Company

Florida is a no-fault state, which means in car accidents and similar types of incidents, you need to contact your own insurance company first. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance covers till $10,000 in damages in case of car accidents. For damages that exceed this amount, you can send a Demand Letter to the insurance company of the at-fault party. If the insurance company declines to pay your claim, you should consult with a proven attorney. Your attorney will file a complaint outlining all evidence mentioned in the Demand Letter.


During the discovery phase, you and the other party can go through all available evidence and decide to either agree to a settlement, file a motion to delay, or dismiss the case.

Go to Trial

You should wait till Maximum Medical Improvement before settling the claim or going to trial. An estimated number of 4 – 5% personal injury claims end up going to trial. The judge or jury will decide whether your case has merit and the amount of compensation to be provided.


In Florida, most personal injury claims get settled out of court. With strong legal representation from our experienced personal injury attorneys at Carlson Meissner & Hayslett, the settlement process becomes more predictable and effective. Powerful defendants and large insurance companies typically do everything possible to make the claim time-consuming and complicated.

Based on this, with the right legal team on your side, it’s possible that you get the maximum compensation through the settlement process itself. Insurance companies are more likely to pay you a fair accident settlement when they realize that you have strong legal representation from our firm backing your claim.

Our thorough trial preparedness backed by our meticulous collection of compelling evidence usually means that insurers may want to settle your claim out of court rather than argue against you before a jury.

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Timelines for Personal Injury Lawsuits in Florida

Claims for catastrophic injuries involving large sums of money can be fiercely litigated. You should know that you have 4 years from the date of the accident to file your Florida personal injury claim. Statute of limitations is shorter where government entities are involved. Pertaining to this, there are other timelines involved, which makes it crucial to hire an experienced personal injury law firm and initiate the legal process as soon as possible.

Our Capable and Resourceful Personal Injury Lawyers are Ready to Fight for You

The dedicated Florida personal injury attorneys at Carlson Meissner & Hayslett have the legal resources, knowledge, and experience to ensure you get the largest possible compensation you are entitled to. Our proven attorneys have 125 years combined experience and will leave no stone unturned to fight for your rights. To schedule your free and confidential consultation with us, call (727) 306-0273 or write to us online.

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