In many situations, burn injuries are caused due to the negligence of another person. The experienced Tampa burn injury attorneys at Carlson Meissner & Hayslett will fight for your rights as a burn victim and help you obtain the maximum possible compensation from the liable parties.

Types of Burn Injuries in Florida

Burns are of varying degrees from first to fourth degree. Fourth-degree burns are the most severe and penetrate through to the muscle, bones, and even organs. Third-degree burns usually require hospitalization since they affect the deepest skin layers. First and second-degree burns may not require hospitalization, but they can be extremely painful too. These are a few common causes of accidental burns in Florida:

  • Boat accidents
  • Home fires
  • Business/retail fires
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Workplace explosions/fires
  • Construction site fires

Thermal burns from chemical accidents and explosions are the most common cause of workplace burns.

Who is Liable for Your Florida Burn Injury Claim?

Your burn injuries could result from the negligence of:

  • An individual
  • Organization
  • Group
  • Company
  • Corporation
  • Government entity

Typically, liable parties are identified during the investigation, so you must gather substantial evidence and hire expert witnesses while preparing the burn injury claim.

An experienced attorney must create solid legal arguments that compel insurance companies to release compensation during settlement negotiations. Our proven and capable Florida burn injury lawyers at Carlson Meissner & Hayslett will always extensively prepare the claim, remembering that it can go to trial.

That level of trial preparedness and evidence collection from our legal team often paves the way for the largest possible settlement because the defendants become reluctant to face the jury.

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Types of Compensation in Florida Burn Injury Cases

Our highly rated burn injury attorneys at Carlson Meissner & Hayslett will fight for your rightful damages, including:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Present and future lost wages
  • Reconstructive surgery or plastic surgery costs
  • Physical therapy and rehab
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement and scarring 
  • Emotional anguish
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Adaptive technologies

You must take action quickly since the Florida statute of limitations will run out two years from the date of the accident. The state might extend the statute of limitations only in unusual and rare cases. You should only accept an offer from the insurance company once you have spoken with our lawyers. Insurance companies realize the severity of burn injury and its lasting consequences. They also know that you cannot seek further compensation if you accept a settlement offer. Hence, allow our attorneys to handle all communications and negotiations with the insurance company.

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Our Trusted Burn Injury Lawyers are Here to Give You the Best Legal Advice and Support. Call Now.

The experienced and compassionate Tampa burn injury lawyers at Carlson Meissner & Hayslett have helped several victims attain a secure future by obtaining the maximum financial compensation from the liable parties. To request your free, no-obligation consultation, call us at 877-728-9653 or complete our online form.

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