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Exposure to Toxic Materials

Tampa Toxic Materials Attorneys

Experienced hazardous material lawyers are here to help when you have been injured by toxic materials 

Hazardous Workplace & Materials Handling| Toxic Inhalation | Carlson MeissnerThousands of consumers and workers each year are injured and contract disease as the result of hazardous workplace conditions including toxic inhalation and hazardous materials handling. The injury may be in the form of a burn, or in the form of permanent damage to the respiratory functions of the body.  In either case, the issue of liability will be determined on the basis of any negligence on the part of the injured party which may have contributed to the injury, and the reasonable design, labeling, warnings, and remediation (protective masks, clothing) of the manufacturer and seller.

Toxic inhalation of hidden materials in a building (asbestos, toxic mold) may result in legal liability on the part of the building owner.  The law in this area is very complicated, and responsibility for damages can extend back many years, and involve prior owners as well.

Medical proof that the disease or injury was in fact caused by toxic inhalation or exposure is also a very complicated issue.  Often, the victim had the opportunity to be exposed to the toxic substance at several locations over time. 

Packaging, labeling and proper instructions for use on items such as household cleaning chemicals, manufacturing chemicals, herbicides, and insecticides are all items to examine in determining legal liability for injury and disease.

The Attorneys at Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett have represented victims in Florida for injuries and diseases caused by toxic inhalation and hazardous materials handling  and know how to properly investigate liability issues to support a claim for damages.

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