As the law has changed here in Florida with the advent of the medical marijuana, many wonder if they can be arrested for possession of marijuana if they have a legitimate and authorized medical marijuana card? As Tampa defense lawyers, we can tell you the answer is maybe.

If the amount of marijuana you have is for your own personal use, and you have the medical marijuana card on your person, police should not arrest you. This does not however allow you to traffic in marijuana. You cannot have literally pounds of marijuana on your person and claim that it is only for personal consumption.

How Can The Medical Marijuana Card Protect You?

You can’t sell marijuana if you have a medical marijuana card. You can’t go on a street corner, and sell your personal marijuana, to somebody else, because you are not a dispensary, and it is also a felony.

If you are confronted by law enforcement and you do not have your medical marijuana card, give them your name and information so they can access your name and their database to confirm that you are a lawful holder of a medical marijuana card.

Remember, just because you have the card, and it is legal and lawful, this does not give you permission to traffic marijuana or sell it to your friends. If you are going to possess marijuana for medical use, keep your card with you.