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Dog and Animal Bite Attorneys

Experienced Dog Bite Lawyers Hold Negligent Owners Liable for Injuries Caused by Pets

Strict liability for harm caused by dogs and other animals.

As experienced dog bite lawyers, we understand that different rules apply for domestic animals (i.e. dogs, cats, horses, etc) and wild animals (Monkey, Chimpanzee). In a dog bite lawsuit, the objective of the plaintiff is to establish the facts that fit within the conditions for the imposition of a Strict Liability Standard. If a Plaintiff fails to do so, then the Plaintiff must explore other “Theories” of Liability…particularly NEGLIGENCE. At Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett, our Tampa dog bite lawyers are here to provide the legal advice and guidance you need to file your dog bite lawsuit.

Domestic Animals

Unless modified by statute, an owner of a Domestic Animal will be “Strictly Liable” for any harm it causes IF:
  1. The owner had reason to know that the animal had a specific propensity to harm others
  2. The harm caused by the animal was due to that specific propensity.

Hence, if an owner of a dog knows that the dog likes to bite people or has bitten on other occasions, the owner will be “Strictly Liable” when the dog bites a plaintiff. If however, the dog knocks someone down and this was not a known propensity of the dog, the owner will be liable ONLY IF the plaintiff can prove negligence or intent on the part of the owner. In either situation, an experienced dog bite attorney can help with your dog bite lawsuit.


Wild Animals

The owner of a “wild animal” (monkey, tiger) will be held “Strictly Liable” for the harm it causes, whether or not the owner knew of the animal’s dangerous propensities and irrespective of how well trained the animal was. These rules not only apply to the Owners of Domestic and Wild animals but may also apply to individuals who do not own the animals but are simply possessing or Keeping the Domestic or Wild animals, depending on the factual circumstances.

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