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Our Professionals in the field of Criminal Defense:
Paul A. Meissner Paul A. Meissner
J. Larry Hart (1985-2017) J. Larry Hart (1985-2017)
J. Larry Hart (1985-2017)
Personal Injury
Criminal Defense
J. Kevin Hayslett J. Kevin Hayslett
J. Kevin Hayslett
Criminal Defense
DUI Defense
Deborah S. Moss Deborah S. Moss
Deborah S. Moss
Criminal Defense
DUI Defense
Rick Rivera Rick Rivera
Daviana M. Garcia Daviana M. Garcia
Daviana M. Garcia
Criminal Defense
DUI Defense
Zachary D. Peck Zachary D. Peck
Zachary D. Peck
Criminal Defense
DUI Defense

Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorneys Serving Tampa and Clearwater

Aggressive, Dedicated, Prepared Criminal Defense Lawyers Protect Your Rights and Your Future

When the stakes are high, experience matters. If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Florida, it is critically important to find a Tampa criminal defense attorney who is experienced, aggressive, and knowledgeable to protect your rights and your freedoms.The criminal defense attorneys at Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett have more than 125 years of combined experience defending clients in Clearwater, Tampa and throughout Tampa Bay who have been arrested or charged with a crime.

Our office utilizes an experienced investigator who, in conjunction with our experienced criminal defense attorneys, coordinates and provides prompt, economical and thorough investigative services.

How to prevent arrest

Why hiring a criminal defense lawyer saves you money

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The firm defends clients charged in Florida’s state and federal courts with all kinds of crimes, including:

The criminal defense law firm of Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett has seasoned criminal defense attorneys who are former prosecutors or public defenders. They know how to play hardball—and they play to win. Two of our attorneys are Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyers. Board Certification is the highest level of recognition an attorney can receive by The Florida Bar for the competency and education of attorneys in the areas of practice approved by the Florida Supreme Court.

We know early attorney involvement in a case can affect its ultimate outcome. 

Our experienced investigative team thoroughly and efficiently gathers any and all evidence on your behalf and presents it to the prosecutor to mitigate the charges against you and determine if you are eligible to participate in a pre-trial diversion program.  If you live out of state or travel extensively, we determine if a plea in absentia may be entered, allowing settlement of your case without a court appearance.  Many times your criminal record can be sealed to the public or potential employers.

The Carlson & Meissner Clearwater Criminal Defense Legal Team is Your Best Ally When Facing Criminal Charges

If you or a family member has been arrested or charged with a crime, call our responsive, caring, and aggressive criminal defense attorneys to schedule a free consultation. Please print and fill out a Criminal Defense Client Information Form and bring it with you. For your convenience, we have five Tampa Bay area locations including ClearwaterBradentonSpring Hill, Tampa and New Port Richey. The Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett criminal defense team includes:

Contact us online or call us at (877) 728-9653 to schedule a free initial consultation today.

If you have been charged with a crime, contact us for reliable legal counsel and information about your criminal matter. And, for answers to frequently asked questions about criminal defense and claims, see our criminal defense video librarycriminal defense resource links and criminal defense FAQs.

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Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett is honored to have been named one of 2012 Florida's Top Ranked Law Firms based on AV Preeminent Martindale-Hubbell Lawyers Ratings, pursuant to the Wall Street Journal.