As a Tampa social security disability law firm, one of the most important tools that we try to employ when someone applies for social security disability is getting a statement from your treating doctor. This is a very important piece of evidence for the judge because when someone applies for social security disability, you’re not just trying to establish that you have a physical or a psychological impairment. It’s not just about demonstrating that you have a neck problem or that you suffer from bipolar disorder. What you’re trying to demonstrate is that you are unable to work — in other words, the limitations that you have are from your health conditions.

Therefore, getting a statement from your doctor and having them sign it indicating what limitations you have from your health problems is very valuable. This documentation doesn’t guarantee that the judge is going to go along with it, but that’s exactly what the judge is trying to figure out. Having your doctor legitimize it on a piece of paper and sign their name to it makes it more likely that a judge is going to agree with it. It still has to be backed up by the evidence, but having your physician on board is an invaluable tool in trying to win your disability case.