Even when you worked with a social security disability attorney, these claims can be denied for any number of reasons. Here are the common ones reasons:

One of the most common reasons is if your testimony in front of a federal judge does not line up with the medical evidence. The best advice we give our clients is this: as you consider applying for disability and as you work your way through the process, maintain a good level of communication with your doctors. You want to make sure that every symptom you have, every complication you’re experiencing, and any limitation that you notice, you talk to your doctor about it. That way, it shows up on the medical record.

This is because at the end of this process, when we’re in court and telling a judge what your difficulties are and what limitations are, you don’t want that judge to look at your lawyer and say “Why isn’t this in the medical record?” It’s those situations where you testify to something that cannot be backed up by the evidence that causes most people to lose their claims.

The best piece of advice is to keep your relationship with your doctor, make sure you are getting regular treatment for your condition, and make sure that you and your lawyer are looking over your medical records to make sure that they accurately represent what you are going through.