In the state of Florida if you have been arrested for a misdemeanor drug offense, there is no mandatory jail time. Typically if you have had no prior record, you will actually qualify for what is called a diversion program. This is where a Tampa defense law firm can help.

What Is A Diversion Program?

In a diversion program, if you can remain drug-free for a period of time and take a drug education class, your case actually can be dismissed. This can happen even with a felony drug offense, as long as it is not a traffic offense, or you are not charged with sale or delivery of a substance. On a first offense are eligible for either drug court or diversion program, which can also result in your case being dismissed.

What If This Is Not Your First Drug Charge?

If you have been arrested before for multiple drug offenses, there can sometimes be a possibility of jail time. However, the chances of jail time or prison are much reduced than they were before.

In Florida, we have the legal medical marijuana cards. Therefore, most judges are much more lenient with drug offenses now than they used to be.

We also have what is referred to as a drug court. This means if you or someone you know has been addicted to drugs and wants to get help and address the drug dependency, there are avenues and to get clean and sober, and ultimately, get that case dismissed.