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On the Job Injuries

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A Work Injury is, by definition, is an injury that occurs while on the job. Although the definition may seem obvious, a work accident can sometimes be confusing.

If you have experienced an on-the-job injury, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it include travel to and from work?
  • Does it include my lunch hour?
  • What if I am walking from the parking lot to work?
  • What if I am on an errand ?
  • What if I am driving the Company Car?
  • What if I was goofing off at work when the injury occurred?
  • Am I covered at a Company Softball Game?
  • Am I covered while at a conference?
  • What if I am injured going to my Worker’s Compensation doctor?

In all of the above instances, your work injury may be covered, and you need to ask an attorney these questions so that you may receive the correct answers in order to determine if you qualify for Workers’ Compensation. We have experience with all of these work injury scenarios and will answer all your questions. Our Workers Compensation Attorneys can review your work accident case and determine if your injury is, in fact, an on the job injury and compensable under Florida Law.

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