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Construction Site Injuries

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In spite of the best efforts of the ​government (OSHA), and private industry, the construction site represents a very dangerous environment. Each worker is responsible for exercising care on the job, and following all safety rules and regulations, but factor in equipment failure, environmental hazards, and the negligence of fellow workers, and you have a prescription for disaste​r. Collapsing scaffolds, ladders, and cranes represent equipment failure responsible for serious injury or death to workers on the job. ​Leaking or spilled chemicals, paints, solvents, and even concrete are examples of product/environmental incidents that injure workers on a fairly regular basis, and can lead to diseases which are debilitating and fatal based upon continued or long term exposure.

If any of the above mentioned injuries have happened to you or a loved one, it is important to seek professional legal advice from a construction accident lawyer.

The negligence of other employees, or third parties on the site is a leading cause of injury on the construction site. If an employee is injured on the job at a construction site, the issue of fault is not relevant. If you are looking to file a construction accident lawsuit, contact Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett. Our construction accident lawyers are experienced in dealing with construction accident lawsuits.

Worker’s Compensation benefits are available even if the injured employee was totally or partially at fault for his/her own injury. If the injury is the fault of a third party (not another employee), there may also be a separate personal injury claim which can be brought against the party or company at fault, and recovery of damages (pain and suffering) not available in a Worker’s Compensation claim may be sought. Construction injuries are commonplace, and pursuing legal advice from construction accident lawyers is an important first step. Our expereinced construction accident attorneys can exhaustively search and evaluate the proper remedy available to the defendant based upon the individual’s construction accident lawsuit.

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