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Serious Vehicle Accidents

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Is the true measure of whether a vehicle accident is serious always the amount of damage done to the vehicles involved? The insurance companies would like jurors to believe that is the case ​ ​.The true measure​ is the extent and nature of the auto accident injuries suffered by the occupants of the vehicles.

For Auto or truck accident lawyers toconvince an insurance adjuster, or a jury, that a person has suffered a serious injury, when there is little or no visible damage to the vehicles involved is not an easy task​. As experienced​ truck and auto accident attorneys in the Tampa, Clearwater Florida area, we know it happens. ​Proving it, is another issue.

As vehicles are designed and built with increased safety features, hopefully,​ there will be fewer serious injuries as a​ result of collisions. The physics and forces placed upon the various parts of the human body as the result of a collision, can cause disabling and painful long-term auto accident injury to the occupants. To demonstrate the force of impact in a truck accident, and the resulting strain placed upon the neck, and back of an occupant, in what appears to be a low impact rear-ender, requires the testimony and demonstration provided by professionals in physics, ergonomics, and medicine.

When involved in an auto or truck accident collision which results in continued pain, seek the advice of doctors who can deal with an auto accident injury and trauma induced injuries. In pursuing legal action, truck accident lawyers will need to determine the propriety of obtaining professionals to help advance your claim. Obtaining legal advice and guidance from trained truck accident attorneys will provide you with the knowledge you need to pursue your lawsuit further.

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