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Truck Driver Log Requirements

Florida Truck Accident Attorney Outlines Truck Driver Log Requirements

Experienced trucking accident lawyers hold negligent parties accountable for breaking Federal trucking guidelines 

Truck Accident Attorney | Trucking Accident | Carlson Meissner As a truck accident attorney involved in the investigation and prosecution of claims relating to a trucking accident, Carlson & Meissner is thoroughly familiar with all state and federal regulations that relate to Over the Road (OTR) Trucking activities. 

In our representation of those injured or killed in a trucking accident, a semi truck accident lawyer  at Carlson Meissner knows to review the logs maintained by the company on its drivers, and those kept by the driver for the company or to comply with state and federal law.  We match the records with an investigation of the actual movement of the vehicle, and review any records (gas, restaurant, motel, truck stop, delivery) to determine the accuracy of those records, and how the driver’s condition (fatigued etc.) may have contributed to the trucking accident.

In difficult economic times otherwise safety conscious drivers, can have a lapse of judgment in the interest of making more money, which devastates the lives of innocent people. For a complete list of Federal DOT guidelines and hours of service regulations for truckers, please see: www.FMCSA.DOT.GOV.

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