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If Your SSD Claim has Been Denied, Our Florida Social Security Disability Attorneys Can Help

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While you may not necessarily need a Florida Social Security disability attorney during the initial filling phase of the Social Security process, it is in your best interest to consult with a Social Security disability lawyer by the hearing or reconsideration stage. When you get to these stages of the process, you will now be in a courtroom setting. The knowledge and experience our Florida Social Security disability attorneys bring is the best way to let all the parties involved know that you are serious and to win your claim.

Our seasoned Social Security Disability attorneys can make the difference in winning your case

Another thing to keep in mind is if your claim was still denied after the Hearing. The next step you would have to take is to ask for a review by the Social Security Appeals Council. It is essential that our experienced attorneys are involved at this point because generally, this stage is done in writing and not by oral testimony. The chances of you having success on your own, without an attorney, is very unlikely. Our attorneys know how to navigate the complex SSDI system with ease.

The Social Security Disability attorneys at Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett, P.A., fight for your rights with your best interests in mind. We have 5 convenient office locations in Tampa Bay, including Tampa, Bradenton, Clearwater, New Port Richey, and Spring Hill.

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