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What Is Prostitution?

What is the criminal charge of prostitution? When we think of prostitution, we generally think of a streetwalker​ off the corner offering to perform sexual acts for money. However, in most jurisdictions, prostitution is broken down by several key elements.

1. There is either an offer or agreement to perform sexual acts either on that person or by that person.

2. The sexual act is agreed upon in exchange for something of value.

Something valuable does NOT have to be money. In most jurisdictions, if there is an offer of a sexual act for anything of value (a watch, a ring, livestock, money, etc.) that constitutes a crime of prostitution. However, like the crime of conspiracy, in many jurisdictions, a person can be prosecuted for prostitution on words alone. Hence, solicitation for prostitution. So, if a person solicits/agrees to perform some sexual act for you or someone else for something of value, the words alone may constitute the act of solicitation of prostitution.

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