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Dangerous and Defective Products

Tampa Defective Product Attorney 

Experienced defective product lawyers seek compensation for injuries caused from defective or dangerous products

Tampa Defective Product Lawyer | Defective Product Attorney | Carlson MeissnerProduct liability is an expanding area of consumer protection laws. 

Product defects account for thousands of unnecessary deaths and tens of thousands of injuries and diseases each year. 

Product defects include unsafe automobiles, appliances, tools, drugs, chemicals, insecticides, herbicides, food, ladders, electronics, and almost any other item the consumer uses. At Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett, a Tampa defective product attorney will provide you with the legal advice and guidance needed to file your lawsuit.

Manufacturers are responsible for the proper design and assembly of their product.  Injuries caused by defective design and manufacture occur all too frequently.  The product must be designed to function in a reasonably safe manner for its designed function or purpose.  Proper labeling, and warnings must be placed on the object. Compensation for an injury as the result of poor product design should be pursued in a court of law with an experienced defective product lawyer. 

Failure to warn consumers about the use of the product is an area that can give rise to a cause of action for damages.

Many times, the product defect has massive implications because of its widespread use or application.  In such cases, claims may take the form of a “class action”, which means that all affected consumers are joined in a single action, subject to special rules.  Persons injured may elect often to join the class action, or “opt” out, and bring the action in their own name.  Often however, the costs associated with such claims preclude proceeding as an individual.

A Tampa defective product lawyer at Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett guides victims injured by dangerous or defective products in Florida pursue justice in product liability cases. We hold manufacturers accountable for negligence.

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