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Children's Toys

Tampa Child Toy Safety Attorneys

Toy manufacturers and designers must produce and market products that are reasonably safe for the use intended and abide by general toy safety standards. The toy is usually labeled for use by the appropriate age group, and warnings now accompany most toys when sold at retail.

When it is determined that there is a child toy safety issue, reasonable care must be taken to recall and modify the toy so that it is safe to use in the future.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission investigates and releases findings when there are child toy safety issues raised. Manufacturers must be pro-active with regard to safety and whole issue of recalls, design modifications and toy safety standards.

Adult supervision is always an issue, and it is necessary to monitor damage to toys once in use, that may make them unsafe and could result in injury.

Product Liability Lawsuits for injuries incurred by children while properly using a toy, must be investigated to determine if there was a faulty design, or failure to warn issue.

Sometimes, the use of a toy which results in numerous injuries may be turned into class action product liability lawsuits so that the issue of liability can be determined in a more economical environment. Damages, if assessed as the result of a class action, will then be divided amongst the various member of the class who were injured.