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Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer Tampa

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One experience we all have in common, is that each of us have taken a tumble.Most often we are embarrassed, but do not sustain any seriousslip and fallinjuriesas a result.Some falls occur because we are acting out, or we fail to exercise due care as we walk.But sometimes the fall we take is the result of some environmental element we do not control, and cannot reasonably be expected to detect.Whenserious slip andfall injuries occur and the cause of the fall is not as the result of our own inattention or negligence, a careful examination of the cause of the fall is appropriate to determine if some person or company has a legal responsibility for damages.As experiencedslip and fallinjury attorneysinthe Tampa Bay Florida area, we have handled many such cases.

Property owners are required by law to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition and to warn of known hazards.  The government often requires property owners to conform to certain standards, such as tread width on stairs, ramp angle, and banisters and handrails.  Property owners who invite the public on their property, or whose property doesn’t conform to code, can be held responsible for a fall which causes injury.  In many of these cases, the property owner has insurance which provides coverage for the payment of medical bills whenever an injury occurs on the premises. 

 Common sense prevails in this area of the law, and a property owner must be on reasonable notice of the existence of the unsafe condition before liability will attach.  For example, if a grocery store wet mops, and doesn’t adequately mark the area, it can be responsible for a slip and fall.  However, if a customer spills a cleaning product on the floor, it must be shown that the company had adequate time to be made aware or discover the spill and did not take steps to warn patrons, or clean the area of the hazard.

 Falls injuries and missteps account for a significant number of neck, shoulder, and back injuries that can be painful, long term and disabling.  Often, a preexisting condition that was not previously disabling, is exacerbated by such events.  Gathering the names of witnesses, photographs of the area, and preservation of surveillance video are vital to the successful evaluation and pursuit of legal action with a slip and fall injury attorney.

If you have experienced a serious fall injury as the result of another's negligence, call a slip and fall injury attorneyat Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett for a free consultation.

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