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Cumulative Trauma

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Cumulative trauma injuries are a major problem in the workforce and the general population in this country. According to federal statistics cumulative trauma injuries have now surpassed back pain, increasing by 670 percent in the last 5 years.

Cumulative Injury Disorder is a group of injuries to the muscles, tendons, bones, blood vessels, fascia and/or nerves. It is helpful to understand that CTD results from acute injury, repetitive injury, or a constant pressure/tension injury. All of which lead to what we term the Cumulative Injury Cycle. It is the existence of the cumulative injury cycle that separates this disorder from other injuries of the neuro-musculoskeletal system.

To combat the problem, you must first identify and understand the mechanisms involved. The term trauma may not be accurate although it is recognized nationwide. Actual trauma to the tissues is not required for this disorder to be present so injury would serve better as a descriptive term than trauma. The term Cumulative Injury Disorder (CID) is more accurate. Adhesions cause the motion of muscles and joints to be altered and cause compression of nerves, resulting in a wide variety of symptoms that characterize the Cumulative Injury Cycle and education in biomechanical performance.

Cumulative Injury Types

Acute Injury - The muscle and facial tearing from an acute injury immediately results in inflammation. The white blood cell, fibrinogen, adhesion process easily sets in. If this is not treated correctly, the cumulative injury cycle may be initiated.

Repetitive Motion - Repetitive motion injury is related to specific physical factors. To understand how repetitive motion injures happen it is helpful to review the law of repetitive motion.

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