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Compassionate Allowance

Knowledgeable Tampa Social Security Lawyer Explains the Compassionate Allowance Program

The Compassionate Allowance program fills in when Social Security Disability benefits are delayed

There is a new program being instituted at Social Security to help move along social security disability cases that should obviously be approved, but continue to be delayed. This new program is called the Compassionate Allowance program. 

A case can be expedited at any level of the application: initial, reconsideration, hearing and Appeals Council. Of course, if you have any of the listing social security eligibility conditions you should notify Social Security of that fact when you make your initial application. The Compassionate Allowance program, however, allows you to get into the program if at some point during your claim you develop one of the enumerated conditions.

How do I qualify for the Compassionate Allowance program?

To get into the Compassionate Allowance program, you must have medical records that prove that you have the specific condition. Once you get into the program, a special, more experienced worker at Social Security reviews your claim. This review is supposed to start within one day of Social Security recognizing that you have one of the special Compassionate Allowance conditions. However, in the publicized instructions on Compassionate Allowance claims, Social Security is not allowed to inform you if the case is a Compassionate Allowance case unless you specifically ask. 

What is the process for approval into the program?

Once the Social Security evaluator makes a decision under the Compassionate Allowance procedure, there is another level of review. The case must next be reviewed by a medical or psychological consultant to determine if there is enough evidence to support the decision. Then, Compassionate Allowance cases are still subject to the quality review which can cause further delays in the processing of your case. Having a Tampa social security lawyer on your side can help make the process a little easier on you. 

What disabilities and illnesses qualify?

Social Security published the initial list of social security eligibility conditions that fall under the Compassionate Allowance program click here to view a full list of conditions. If you have one of these social security eligibility conditions, you are eligible for the expedited decision. If during your Social Security disabilities case you develop one of the Compassionate Allowance conditions, you must notify Social Security as soon as possible. Remember also to keep your social security lawyer apprised of any new diagnosis, regardless of whether or not it falls under the Compassionate Allowance list. 

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If you have been denied Social Security benefits, a Tampa Social Security lawyer can help you secure temporary relief through the Compassionate Allowance program. Contact us today at 877-728-9653 or online for a free initial consultation.