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What is Your Attorney Doing Before Filing a Lawsuit?

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What is Your Attorney Doing Before Filing a Lawsuit?

What are your attorneys doing pre-suit prior to the time a lawsuit is filed? The attorneys, on your behalf, are gathering records and documents and obtaining information from witnesses that are relevant to your claim. Most importantly, the process involved following your medical treatment until you have reached a point in your medical treatment where the physicians and attorneys can predict with some accuracy what the lasting effects of the injury will be for you. Thus allowing them to determine what the future costs of medical treatment and economic impact will be on your expected lifespan. This allows your attorney to arrive at a reasonable number with regard to value of your claim. At this point, prior to suit, the negotiation or settlement process may begin without having to file a lawsuit. There may even be voluntary mediation or arbitration in an attempt to settle your claim without the necessity of filing a lawsuit. When your attorneys are satisfied that all attempts at settling your case without proceeding to trial have failed, then the attorneys may go ahead with the formal process of filing a lawsuit, proceeding with formal discovery, and ultimately proceeding to trial.


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