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What is Mediation?

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What is Mediation?

Mediation Process Explained...

Disputes between parties have traditionally been resolved by taking the issue through the formal court process to trail or by voluntarily settling the issue between the parties. In recent years, the legal systems in most jurisdictions, have attempted to short-circuit the process by routinely referring litigants to court appointed mediation or arbitration. Only after a good-faith effort to resolve the issue with mediation or arbitration will the issue be allowed to proceed to trail.

In mediation, the parties appear together voluntarily in the presence of a mediator. A mediator is a disinterested person who simply facilitates the negotiation process. The idea is to cause the parties to come together to discuss the issues in the hopes that they will reach a compromise and agree amongst themselves on the terms of the settlement. A mediator has no authority or power to impose any settlement or terms of settlement upon the parties. 

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