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What Is Bodily Injury (BI) Insurance?

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What Is Bodily Injury (BI) Insurance?

The question is: what is BI or bodily injury automobile insurance. BI or bodily injury involves the amount of insurance that you have if you cause damage to another person. If you are involved in an accident and your car strikes another person, and that person is injured, your bodily injury insurance will cover the costs. 

BI is usually covered in the following increments:

  • $10,000
  • $20,000
  • $25,000
  • $50,000
  • $100,000 and up

The more assets you have the higher BI you should have. Think about it this way, if you were involved in an accident where you caused the other person’s injury, and you have what is called a 100-300 policy meaning that you have $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident, you would have $100,000 of coverage to pay for that other person’s injuries. As long as that person’s injuries are $100,000 or less, you are covered. The second amount of $300,000 per accident would be used in the event of multiple injured people. It is very important to have the highest amount of BI or bodily injury insurance that you can afford.

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