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What is an Independent Medical Examination (IME)?

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What is an Independent Medical Examination (IME)?

Understanding Independent Medical Examinations

If you have been involved in accident and you have injuries, and you bring a claim against somebody else’s person or an insurance company, many times they will want to know if your injuries are legitimate. When you bring a claim you will explain what your injuries are and put them in your best light. The party that you are brining an action against wants to feel comfortable and confident that the injuries you have are legitimate and are worth the dollar amount that you are seeking. When that occurs they will ask to submit to an IME or an Independent Medical Examination. When you are injured, you will see your treating physician.

A IME physician is chosen by the other side (the defense) in order to evaluate you injuries. During the IME, they may do a physical examination of you. They may also do diagnostic tests such as X-Rays and MRI to determine whether or not you injures are

  1. As severe as you claim them to be, and
  2. That the injuries are legitimate.

During the IME exam it is important for you to be honest with that physician and to cooperate, because they are there to evaluate your medical condition. At the conclusion of the IME, that physician will report to either the insurance company or to the person responsible to the damages, and tell them in their opinion the serverity of your medical injures.

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