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What is a Demand in a Personal Injury Case?

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What is a Demand in a Personal Injury Case?

At some point during the process of your claim, your attorney will begin the negotiation process for the resolution of your claim by presenting what is called a “demand” to the opposite side. Your attorney will request a payment of a usually particular sum on money. This is a sum of money arrived at after reviewing your claim and is only designed to begin the negotiation process. If the demand, is a one-time demand for settlement, then the demand will include language to the effect:

  • Pay XXX number of dollars
  • This is not negotiable
  • We will proceed to file a lawsuit if not responded to within a reasonable amount of time

If the demand is negotiable, then the amount in the demand is what will begin the negotiations back and forth in offer and counter-offer in an attempt to reach a number that both sides agree is appropriate to resolve the claim. 


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