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What Are Personal Injury Statute of Limitations?

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What Are Personal Injury Statute of Limitations?

Understanding The Statutes of Limitations...

Most people ask the question how long do I have to bring an action or to file a law suit in a personal injury case?

Well the answer is, is that it depends on what state you live on. For example, some states like Maine have a statue of limitations of six years. When you have six years from the time of the accident, or the time you knew or should have known that you have been provided a harm, to bring an action against a negligent party. Other states have a statue of limitations as short as one year, like Tennessee. In order to find out what the statues of limitations are in your state, you need to check with a personal injury lawyer who practices PI or Personal Injury law. That lawyer will tell you what is the period of time that you have to bring a claim. If you do not bring a claim within that time period, your suit is barred. What that means is that you may not get a recovery, you can not bring an action, and your case will be dismissed. The best way to determine what the statutes of limitations are in your state is to check with apersonal injury lawyer who practices in the area of PI of Personal Injury law. They are best suited to advise you on the statue in your state.

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