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Should You Purchase Rental Car Insurance?

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Should You Purchase Rental Car Insurance?

This is a difficult question. We’ve all been there before. We get up to the line at a rental car company and get asked the question: “Would you like to purchase rental car insurance?” It’s difficult because we don’t know what we are getting and what we are giving up. Typically, if you have insurance from an agent or company, you’ll be covered to the same levels, the same deductibles, and the same coverages when you have a rental car. However, there are certain kinds of distinctions. 

Sometime some of the damages you get when involved in a rental car will not be covered by your comprehensive or collision insurance. So you may be liable for higher deductibles. Other times your insurance company may not cover under certain circumstances.  

Some people wonder if they use a gold card or a platinum card if they will be covered under their credit card’s insurance. Be wary: certain types of cards do no cover certain types of vehicles. For example, your credit card may not cover a vehicle in a certain location. Other times, it will only cover certain types of deductibles.

 Make sure to read the information from your credit card carefully. You may be thinking you are getting coverage that you are not getting when you rent a car. 

What kind of coverage are your getting when you choose rental car insurance? Generally, when you purchase their insurance (at a high rate), you get coverage that covers the car when involved in an accident. This means the rental insurance will take care of the collision or damage to that vehicle. Sometimes, your can also purchase supplemental liability insurance. Meaning if you are involved in an accident, you have additional coverage if you cause injury to another person. 

All in all, usually you are covered by your own insurance and you do not need additional rental insurance. However, it is important to read all the information from your own insurance provider. And if you do use a credit card, make sure it covers you for the limits you expect.

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