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How Do I Correct An Error In My Answers Given At A Deposition

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How Do I Correct An Error In My Answers Given At A Deposition

Depending upon the jurisdiction, at conclusion of your deposition, you may be asked whether you wish to read or waive reading of the deposition. If you ask to read the deposition, then before the deposition can be filed, you will be furnished a copy and you will be given the opportunity to read the deposition and attest to its accuracy.  You cannot change an answer given at a deposition but you can identify what you believe is inaccurate in the reporting. If you waive reading the deposition, then you allow the deposition to be filed without having the opportunity to read it for accuracy. 

If you read the deposition, and determine that an answer that was given is either inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete, then you contact your attorney and make arrangements to notify the opposite party (the party that took the deposition) that you wish to correct or amplify an answer that you gave in the deposition. If you correct or amplify an answer, then you are usually insulated in most jurisdictions from any type of perjury convictions. 

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