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Falling Objects

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Falling Objects

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Tampa Falling Object Injury Attorneys | Carlson MeissnerOne of the more successful marketing techniques of the past 30 years are the “big box”, and “club” retail concepts.  By selling club memberships, it is concluded that there will be a loyalty to shop at that location or with that store.  Coupled with the big box concept developed by several leading retailers, this marketing approach has presented some additional dangers to the consumer.

By operating extremely large facilities, and displaying large quantities of merchandise is a warehouse type setting, with little or no decorating beyond the bare concrete floor, windowless, high ceiling “box”, the danger of a falling object injury or a 
work injury from upper shelves has increased.

Many of the objects stacked far above floor level are large, and heavy. When they fall and strike patrons, the result can be a serious falling object injury. Consumers attempting to retrieve an object themselves, and even using moveable ladders positioned throughout the facility can result in a serious falling object injury. Instances of injuries to customers occurring when store personnel have been maneuvering ladders, and even fork lifts within the facility have also increased. Employees retrieving product from upper shelves for customers have also resulted in on the job work injuries.

Some stores have relegated responsibility to stacking product in the store to the supplier.  The responsibility for how the product is stacked, and the maintenance of the proper storage of product, may be shared by the supplier and the owner/retailer.

The owner/retailer must act reasonably, and should have a defined plan in place to routinely inspect the shelves to correct storage or stacking problems that might occur as customers move product around to inspect or purchase an item.  Failure to have and adhere to such a plan, or to reasonably arrange product to avoid collapse or a falling object injury can result in legal liability. If you have experienced an injury as a result of the above circumstance, call a falling object injury attorney at Carlson Meissner today.

Just as in the case of a slip and fall, a condition can exist which results in injury very quickly as the result of another customer’s act. The store has a reasonable period of time to discover and correct that condition, unless they are specifically placed on notice that the condition exists. 

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