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Escalator and Elevator Injuries

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Tampa Escalator Injury | Elevator Injury AttorneysAs with any other machine, escalators and elevators must be properly designed and maintained to protect the safety of persons who are reasonably expected to use them. Keeping up with maintenance requirements and posting proper warning labels is important in preventing serious elevator and escalator injuries.

Design failures of these machines can result in liability for resulting escalator injuries to the user.  Likewise, the failure to properly maintain the equipment can also be the cause of escalator and elevator injuries and impose liability for personal injury on the offending party. There are strict building and product codes, as well as regulations relating to maintenance due to the recognition that large numbers of people will routinely utilize the machine.

Proper instruction and warning labels are required for escalators and elevators to help prevent both elevator and escalator accidents.  Failure to properly warn, may be shown to be the cause of escalator accidents. In this case, an experienced escalator and  elevator injury attorney can fight for the compensation you deserve.

Children are particularly exposed to escalator injuries. Catching clothing, falls, and having feet or hands jammed or stuck in the equipment are some of the dangers. Adult supervision is an element to be considered in these kinds of accidents to avoid serious escalator and elevator injuries.

Reported malfunctions, quick kill buttons, and emergency notification are all important aspects of the design and maintenance requirements to prevent escalator and elevator injuries.  In most jurisdictions, periodic inspections by the city or state are required.  These inspections are not guarantors of the absence of a design or operational flaw.  Generally the government entity is not legally liable for faulty inspections or personal injury that may occur as a result.

The manufacturer, and the owner/operator of the equipment has the legal responsibility to reasonably install and maintain the equipment.  When such functions are provided by a third party vendor, legal liability may also extend to that entity.

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