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Amputation Injury Attorneys

Tampa Amputation Injury Attorneys

Trust us to see you through if you have suffered loss of limb due to an accident

With more than 125 years of combined experience as personal injury attorneys in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, our attorneys have vigorously pursued claims on behalf of clients who have suffered loss of limb amputation injuries in auto accidents, industrial accidents, and construction-related accidents. There are some very unique aspects involved in evaluating and preparing such a claim for settlement discussions or trial.

Typically if amputations are the result of an incident, the medical issues are resolved fairly quickly. That is not of course the case if amputations occur as the result of a disease process (disease related to an occupational hazard or medical malpractice—infection).

After dealing with the costs of the medical care, past and future, these cases typically then involve vocational rehabilitation, training and assessment. Return to work issues, and lost wages and benefits, past and future must be analyzed. In addition, the present and future cost of prosthetic devices, need to be assessed.

There is also a psychological component to deal with and evaluate. Individuals who have lost a part of their body often must deal with depression, and loss of self esteem and self worth. As leading accident and personal injury attorneys in Florida, we know the importance of preparing a claim in each of these important areas, as well as dealing with the unique circumstances of each case and individual.

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