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Family Law Attorney Tampa 

Providing comprehensive family law representation since 1971

At Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett, P.A., the decision to end a marriage and deal with questions of spousal support, property, child support and custody, ranks as one of the most difficult and important decisions adults face. When you contact a Tampa family law  attorney at our firm, we are dedicated to obtaining the best possible results in your family legal matter. For more than 45 years, we have been committed to the pursuit of excellence in client relations and legal representation and stand our family law attorneys stand ready to support you during this very difficult time. We are sensitive to your problems and concerns, and work hard to eliminate the stress and frustration that goes with divorce, child custody, child support and other family legal issues.

Because these matters are often charged with great emotion, it is important that you have the aid and benefit of a lawyer who is able to maintain a businesslike and reasonable perspective with regard to the financial aspects of divorce. The nature of the law in these matters is such that no attorney can guarantee you any particular result in domestic related cases While general guidelines are available, each case stands or falls on its own merits and facts.

In choosing a Tampa family law attorney to represent you in these matters, it is important that you assess not only the lawyer’s experience, but demeanor and personality in order that you will feel at ease throughout the process.

Establishing fees which are fair is of primary concern to us in domestic cases. Our firm takes the position that fees should be reasonably related to the difficulty of the issues to be decided as well as to the anticipated time involved resolving factual and legal questions. Fees are the responsibility of the client retaining our firm. While in certain cases it may be possible to recover fees from the opposing spouse, such fee payment cannot be guaranteed at the beginning of any case. We normally require a “retainer” which represents a sum of money paid to engage us in the representation. In addition, the remainder of the fee is established on the basis of an hourly charge to be determined by the type of service performed. We are sensitive to your financial situation. We will make every effort to structure our fees in such a way that you are comfortable with payment for our services.

It is necessary in domestic relations cases for the lawyer to obtain a very detailed statement of background information concerning the marriage, spouse, children and property. It is also essential that detailed financial information be assembled. A review of all assets and liabilities of the marriage is required, and it may be necessary to employ professionals such as accountants in order to place these matters in their proper perspective.

We will be involved in discovery during the pendency of the action: taking depositions and determining the need for additional professionals such as psychologists and vocational professionals.

As the case progresses and we develop sufficient information we will be discussing fair settlement proposals with you. While we must prepare for a trial in these matters, we will be working to resolve the issues on terms which are fair and equitable.

Contact an experienced Tampa family law attorney today for a free initial consultation

Contact us online or call our office at 877-728-9653 for a free consultation and case review. For more than four decades, individuals and families in Tampa, Clearwater and throughout Tampa Bay have turned to the Tampa family law attorneys at Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett, P.A. to see them through the difficulties divorce can bring. We are here to help. We have 5 Tampa Bay area locations for your convenience, including Clearwater, Tampa, New Port Richey, Bradenton and Spring Hill




Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett is honored to have been named one of 2012 Florida's Top Ranked Law Firms based on AV Preeminent Martindale-Hubbell Lawyers Ratings, pursuant to the Wall Street Journal.