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What is a Red Light Ticket?

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Florida Red Light Ticket Attorneys

Criminal defense team effectively defends traffic tickets

The use of red light cameras at intersections has been a hot topic in Florida for some time. The Florida House of Representatives recently voted in favor of legislation that bans the use of red light cameras beginning in July 2020. The bill will now be sent to the Florida Senate for consideration. In the meantime, red light cameras continue to capture drivers, resulting in numerous traffic citations. Defending a red light ticket can be challenging, and having experienced legal counsel is important. The criminal defense lawyers at Tampa Bay’s Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett P.A. have the necessary experience and skill to effectively defend red light camera tickets.

What is a red light camera?

Red light cameras are an automated photographic system used at intersections. They operate by triggering the camera to take a photograph when the traffic light is red and a car passes over the sensor in the intersection. The camera takes photos of the vehicle’s driver and the vehicle’s front license plate.

Safety concerns and red light cameras

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reports an increase in the number of crashes occurring at intersections where red light cameras are installed. According to the report, crashes increased 10 percent at 148 intersections in 28 Florida cities and counties. In addition, the number of rear-end crashes increased by more than 11 percent. Pedestrian accidents and those involving other non-motorists declined almost 20 percent.

Penalties for a red light ticket

If your vehicle has been photographed by a red light camera, a police officer is to check the photo of the driver against the photo of the vehicle’s registered owner, found on their driver’s license. If there is a match, then a citation is mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner.

Red light tickets can affect your driving record. In Florida, the fine for a red light ticket is approximately $158. If you do not pay the first $158 notice, you will receive a second notice to pay an increased price of $262 and points are assessed on your driver’s license. Click here for more information about red light ticket fines in Hillsborough County. 

Defending a red light ticket

If you have received a red light ticket, don’t panic. First check the photograph on the citation to check if the photo is in fact your vehicle. Second, check the photograph of the driver to see who was driving the vehicle at the time the photograph was taken. If the vehicle is yours and you are the one driving the vehicle, it is best to consult a criminal defense lawyer to discuss the details surrounding your driving in the intersection at that time.

Our red light lawyers are here to help. Contact us at 877-728-9653 if you received a red light ticket 

Tampa Bay’s premier legal team at Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett P.A. has been serving the Tampa Bay community for more than 45 years. Our criminal defense attorneys have a reputation for excellence and a demonstrated record of success. If you have received a red light ticket, contact our office at (877) 728-9653 or online to arrange a free consultation. Our firm has five Tampa Bay area office locations, including Clearwater, Tampa, Bradenton, Spring Hill and New Port Richey. Se Habla Espanol.