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Are Points Given on Your License For a Red Light Camera Ticket?

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Clearwater Red Light Camera Ticket Attorney Explains the Penalties 

One of the common questions I get regarding red light camera tickets is will I have points on my driver’s license if I pay a red light camera ticket? 

First of all, remember that red light camera tickets are different than other tickets for violations of traffic control devices. That means they are usually set up through stationary devices which a local municipality has either paid for, or is paying on, and they will issue a photograph that gets sent to you in the mail. Many times, there is also a link so you can go on your computer and actually see yourself driving through an intersection.

If you pay the red light camera ticket within the thirty days, or the prescribed time specified on the ticket, there will be no points assessed on your driving record. Why is that important? If you accumulate a certain amount of points within a time period, for example - twelve points within twelve months, or twenty-four points within twenty-four months, your license could get suspended. 

If you are concerned about paying a red light traffic ticket and points being assessed against you – don’t be!  If you pay it within the prescribed time, no points are issued on your driving record and it will not be transmitted to your insurance company. 

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