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Why You Should Not Take Field Sobriety Tests

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Why You Should Not Take Field Sobriety Tests

KH:    Hi, I am attorney, Kevin Hayslett, and I am here with DUI professional, Charlie Smith. Charlie, the question I have is if you have been pulled over under suspicion of DUI and the law enforcement officer asks you to take a roadside field sobriety test, is it in your best interest to go ahead and do those field sobriety tests?

CS:    In my opinion, no. It is not in your best interest. If the officer says that they are voluntary then there are no penalties attached to them. If he does not and says I want you to take these tests, then he may advise you that your refusal to do them may be used against you in court. I do not do legal research but there is a case out there that states that. My recommendation is not to do it. Why give them evidence that can ultimately be used to convict you in court? With no evidence, they have no case. 

KH:    So if you have been pulled over, it is not in your best interest to take the test?

CS:    In my opinion, no. They are designed for failure. Basically, a person is going to fail these tests no matter what.

KH:    Regardless of how coordinated they are?

CS:    Exactly, they are going to fail the test for whatever reason that comes along. If they have physical problems, mental problems, etc., all of that can affect the person’s ability to do the test. 

KH:    So if you have been pulled over for suspicion of DUI and you have been asked to take a roadside field sobriety test, the best thing to do is not take the test because they are designed to fail and it will not help you in your case. 

- Kevin Hayslett, P.A. and DUI professional, Charlie Smith


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