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Hiring a Criminal Lawyer Can Save You Thousands

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Hiring a Criminal Lawyer Saves Money

“Hi I’m attorney Kevin Hayslett, and the question is: why hiring a criminal attorney now may save you thousands of dollars later? Well, I have been representing people for the past 20 years and I get this question all the time. Someone had a criminal arrest and conviction 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago, and now they try to get a job or credit and their application gets rejected because of their prior criminal conviction. Many times I cannot help them. The reason is because when they had their initial problem they did not hire a criminal lawyer, and the way that their case was resolved they cannot get that case sealed, expunged or off the record now. So if you have been arrested it is extremely important that you understand how hiring a criminal lawyer now, may save you thousands of dollars in potential income. If you do not handle the case right when you are arrested than in the future you will not be able to get the job you want.

What can a criminal lawyer do for me?

The first thing they can do is have a conversation with the prosecuting attorney and try to influence that prosecutor to get your cases dismissed. Many times an arrest does not equal conviction. This means if you had been arrested for a criminal charge, the lawyer that you hire today could have a conversation and try to influence that case from not being filed and therefore dismissed. The second thing your criminal lawyer can do for you today is if you are arrested for charge A, a more serious charge, they can influence the prosecution to file a lesser charge. Therefore, perhaps setting that case up for a sealing or an expungment in the future. And the last thing that a criminal lawyer can do for you today is that they can handle your case and conclude it in such a way that you will be eligible in the future to have that case sealed or expunged, leaving you with a clean record.

Hiring a criminal lawyer when you are arrested can do the following:

1.    Talk with the prosecuting attorney to influence them to dismiss your case.

2.    Influence the prosecution to file a lesser charge against you.

3.    Conclude your case to be sealed or expunged in the future which would leave your record clean.

Sometimes a little bit of time at the front end can ensure for you in the future that your case can be sealed or expunged. For example, if you walk into court and you except the government’s offer that may involve a fine, it may also involve you having a criminal conviction and you being a convicted a felon or a misdemeanor that is a conviction that cannot be sealed or expunged in the future. That is why it makes so much sense for you to handle your criminal case today in such a way that your future will be preserved. My advice is to hire a lawyer today to get your case resolved the right way, so that you can get your case sealed and expunged. Because a few thousand dollars spent on a lawyer today may save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, of lost income in the future due to the fact that you cannot get a job because you did not handle your criminal case the right way the first time.

If you have been arrested, contact us for criminal defense strategies you can count on.

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