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What is the difference between Criminal and Civil law?

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What is the difference between Criminal and Civil law?

There are two different general types of laws: Criminal and Civil law. Criminal law deals with criminal prosecution for violation of state or federal statutes. Civil law deals primarily with relationships between parties. Civil laws are governed either by contracts or agreements between parties. When those contracts or agreements are broken it is called breach.

In order to be compensated in civil cases you can seek one of two relieves:

  1.  Injunctive Relief which means that you would refrain or prevent someone from doing something or a certain action.
  2. Monetary Damage which is compensation given to an injured party by a liable party.

In civil cases, often the only remedy is through money damages; even though in some personal injury cases it can not compensate the victim fully. Remember, civil cases also have a lower burden of proof. In criminal cases, the requirement in the burden of proof is beyond an exclusion of any and all reasonable doubt. In civil cases, it is by either a preponderance or greater weight of the evidence. Those are a few differences between civil and criminal law.”


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