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What is an Alibi Defense?

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What is an Alibi Defense?

In most states, and jurisdictions, if you’ve been charged with a crime, one of the defenses that are available to you is that you are not the person who committed the crime, because you were not at the scene of the crime at the time when the crime was committed.

Most states also require you, if you are going to assert the defense of Alibi, to give the prosecution, the Government, notice of your intent to rely on Alibi. That is a written notification that your lawyer will file on your behalf to let them know that you have evidence, or you’re going to present evidence at a trial to a jury or Judge that you were not the person who committed the crime because you were somewhere else when the crime was committed. For example, if the crime was alleged to have been committed on January 1st in a particular parking lot in your city and you can prove, through evidence that you were in a different location of your city or outside your city—that would be the defense of Alibi.

You may concede the crime was committed, but you were not the person who committed the crime because you were somewhere else and you had an Alibi—an Alibi defense is very effective, but remember, it is up to the jury to determine if they find the Alibi credible. If they do find it credible, they can acquit the accused. If they don’t find it credible they can still find, if all the elements have been proven beyond and the exclusion of a reasonable doubt, the person guilty of the crime alleged.

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J. Kevin Hayslett

Kevin Hayslett, Esq.

J. Kevin Hayslett,The Attorney to the Stars,is a highly-recognized attorney practicing in the areas of Criminal Defense and DUI Defense from the Clearwater office and Hillsborough office. Kevin is an avid tennis player and is currently nationally-rated in singles and doubles.

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