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3 Savvy Ways to Prevent Getting Arrested

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Leading Tampa Bay Criminal Defense Lawyer, Kevin Hayslett, Reviews 3 Savvy Ways to Prevent Getting Arrested

In today’s day and age, one of the most important things you can do in your life is avoid a criminal record. How many times have we seen friends, or loved-ones, or folks that we work with apply for a great job with a great salary, only to find out that they have been rejected because their potential employer through a background investigation finds out about a prior criminal arrest or conviction. That could make the entire difference between that person getting the job or not. I am not advocating that people should commit crimes or saying that people should go out and do illegal actions and this is how to get away with it. What I am telling you right now is how to avoid the stupid arrests. The ones that we find ourselves getting into, that could have been easily avoided. How is this done?

The first way to avoid an arrest is your attitude and demeanor.

You want to have the proper attitude when dealing with the police. The way you do that is to not be cocky and to not have a chip on your shoulder. Do not get into an argument. Also, make sure that the time interacting with the police officer is as short as possible. Keep it to a short period of time while answering the officer’s questions quickly and efficiently, so you can move on. If you can do that in a pleasant and non-confrontational way, you will dramatically decrease your chance of an arrest. 

The second way to avoid an arrest is to understand your rights.

Under the fourth amendment, law enforcement must have either probable cause or a search warrant in order to conduct a search on your person, your vehicle, or your home. You need to understand that. So if you are having contact with law enforcement and they want to search your home, but they do not have a search warrant, so they ask for your consent – you have the absolute right to say no. By avoiding an unlawful or consensual search, you greatly reduce the chances of getting arrested because they may find something that they interpret to be illegal. So remember if law enforcement requests through a question asking your consent to search your person which is your body, your car, or your home – you have the absolute right to say no.     

The third thing to understand when avoiding arrest is to not talk yourself into an arrest.

A friend of mine who is a police officer said to me, “You can’t catch a fish Kevin, unless it opens its mouth.” You need to understand that when you are having contact, that means when a law enforcement officer is asking you questions, most of the time you do not have nay requirement to answer them. Understand your Miranda Rights; you have the right to ask for an attorney. You do not need to answer questions. Do not become belligerent or argumentative and talk yourself into an arrest.

To recap:

1.    Have a good attitude
2.    Know your rights
3.    Do not talk yourself into an arrest

If you do those three things, you will dramatically decrease the chance of getting arrested.

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