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Occupational Disease


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In its most general analysis, workplace injuries are not the only injuries that are recognized as “compensable” under the workers’ compensation laws of Florida.

Occupational disease compensation may also be available for illness or disability associated with certain diseases, exposure to harmful substances or conditions and repetitive motion trauma. There are three “categories” which are popularly referred to as “Occupational Diseases”. These occupational disease categories encompass the following:

  • The disease must actually be caused by the employment conditions that are characteristic of a particular occupation.
  • The disease must be actually contracted during employment in the particular occupation.
  • The occupation must present a “particular hazard” of the disease occurring, so as to distinguish the occupation at issue from other, usual occupations…or the incidence of the disease must be substantially higher in that particular occupation than in other (usual) occupations.
  • If the disease is an ordinary disease of life…the incidence of contracting said disease must be substantially higher in that particular occupation than in the general public.

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