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DNA Evidence

How is DNA Evidence Used To Exonerate People?

Generally, DNA is described as scientific evidence which is used bylaw enforcement or the FBI in order to convict someone of a particular crime. With the advent of DNA, scientific evidence has been able to link people through hair, semen, or blood to a crime scene. It’s also been an excellent tool to allow those who have been falsely accused to be exonerated of crimes.

In recent years, folks around the country have used blood, hair, and semen evidence that was involved in earlier cases- cases where people are now in prison or on death row- and then compared that scientific evidence with the evidence that was collected in the 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s when they didn’t have the use of DNA evidence. This has allowed law enforcement to go back in time and compare scientific evidence that was kept and maintained to recent technological advances in DNA evidence.

DNA evidence has been used to exonerate hundreds of falsely accused people around the country. This was started in 1992 by two people in New York, under the “Innocence Project”,which targeted people who had pronounced their innocence. They were able to compare their DNA evidence with the scientific evidence that was preserved. Under that theory, hundreds of people were let out of prison based on the ability of scientific DNA evidence to prove their innocence.

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