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Drugged Driving

Drugged Driving Attorneys Drugged Driving Surpasses Drunk Driving as Cause of Fatal CrashesDriving while under the influence (DUI) of drugs is on the rise. Perhaps it is no surprise. Opioid abuse is a serious public health issue in the United States. Drug overdose is...

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Back Pain

Back Pain Experienced Back Injury Lawyers Serving Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Bradenton, Spring Hill, and New Port RicheyCoping with pain on a day to day basis can affect anyone's life and can cause unneeded stress. Constant back pain not only creates physical pain​ but...

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Construction Site Injuries

Construction Site Injuries Experienced Construction Accident Attorneys Serving Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Bradenton, Spring Hill, and New Port RicheyIn spite of the best efforts of the ​government (OSHA), and private industry, the construction site represents a very...

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On the Job Injury

On the Job Injuries Experienced Work Injury Lawyers Serving Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Bradenton, Spring Hill, and New Port RicheyA Work Injury is, by definition, is an injury that occurs while on the job. Although the definition may seem obvious, a work accident can...

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Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injuries Experienced Florida Workers' Compensation AttorneysOur experienced Florida workers’ compensation attorneys represent injured workers in all kinds of workers’ compensation cases, including claims arising from: On-the-job accidents Industrial injuries...

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Denails Tenacious Tampa Workers' Compensation Attorneys Contest Claim DenialsTrust our experience to guide you through the process Company owners are responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy environment for workers. When a worker is injured or becomes sick on...

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Should You File a Claim?

Should You File a Claim? Worker's Compensation ClaimsShould You File a Florida Worker's Compensation Claim? Our workers'​ comp lawyers are well-versed in all aspects of Florida workers compensation laws and work hard to protect your​ best interests when you've been...

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A Guide to SS Benefits

A Guide to SS Benefits A Guide to Social Security Benefits Outlined by Premier Tampa Social Security AttorneyIn September 2006, 6.7 million Americans received an average of $944.90 in Social Security Disability Benefits. During that same month, 7.2 million Americans...

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Supplemental Income

Supplemental Income A Trusted SSI Attorney Answers Your Social Security Income QuestionsWhat is Supplemental Security Income? Supplemental Security Income is a monthly stipend administered by the Social Security Administration. This Supplemental Social Security is...

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Compassionate Allowance

Compassionate Allowance Knowledgeable Tampa Social Security Lawyer Explains the Compassionate Allowance ProgramThe Compassionate Allowance program fills in when Social Security Disability benefits are delayed There is a new program being instituted at Social Security...

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