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Approved DUI Programs

Approved DUI Programs: Attorneys to Help You Find a DUI Approved Program Near YouYou can find Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities using this locator www.saplist.com We're here if you need us! Contact a leading Clearwater DUI lawyer today by calling us at (877)...

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Do You Need an Attorney?

Do you Need an Attorney? If Your SSD Claim has Been Denied, Our Florida Social Security Disability Attorneys Can HelpWe protect your best interests at your Social Security Hearing While you may not necessarily need a Florida Social Security disability attorney during...

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Serious Vehicle Accidents

Serious Vehicle Accidents Truck and Auto Accident Attorneys TampaExperienced Auto and Truck Accident Lawyers Serving Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Bradenton, Spring Hill, and New Port Richey Is the true measure of whether a vehicle accident is serious always the amount of...

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First Time Offenders

First Time Offenders Diversion ProgramsWhat is a Diversion Program? Most states or jurisdictions offer first-time offenders diversion programs. This is essentially a fancy way to describe an​​ offering to a person who is charged with a crime (not a serious crime-...

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Repetitive Stress Injuries

Repetitive Stress Injuries Experienced Repetitive Stress Injury Lawyers Serving Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Bradenton, Spring Hill, and New Port RicheyIn typical repetitive stress injuries, the condition is one that gradually arises over a protracted period of time…often...

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Clearwater DUI Lawyer

Clearwater DUI Attorneys - DWI Lawyers Providing Aggressive Defense Strategies for Driving Under the Influence ChargesPut our decades of DUI defense experience to work for you Driving under the influence, or DUI, convictions can have significant and long-term...

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Traffic Violations

Traffic Violations Traffic Violations Can be Costly and Time Consuming, We Can Help The biggest mistake drivers make when they receive a traffic ticket for a traffic violation is failing to take it seriously. Contrary to popular belief, a traffic violation is not...

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Industrial Accidents

Industrial Accidents Experienced Industrial Injury Lawyers Serving Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Bradenton, Spring Hill, and New Port RicheyAs technology advances and new inventions have been introduced throughout the United States, industry and the American industrial...

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DUI Urine Test

DUI Urine Test: Attorneys to Help You The Alcohol Urine Test is Considered to be the Least Accurate Chemical TestThere are 3 types of chemical tests available to law enforcement when trying to determine DUI impairment.  These tests include: Urine Breath Blood testing...

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DUI Blood Draws

DUI Blood Draws - Attorneys Tampa Bay Can Police Take Blood in a Florida DUI Case?There are only a few instances in which a police officer can conduct a DUI blood draw in Florida. Blood can be drawn if you verbally consent, if the police officer has reasonable cause...

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