If you have been arrested or charged and you believe you are culpable, meaning you feel you are responsible and just want to get it over with by pleading guilty, we want you to heed with caution.

Getting Your Charges Reduced

Many times when a criminal defense lawyer can get involved in your case, they can get the charge lowered. Let’s say that you were charged with grand theft, which is a felony in this state. With a top-rated legal team on your side, we may be able to get the charge reduced to a misdemeanor offense, resulting in a lower sentence and you not having to be a convicted felon.

Questioning Police Procedures

Sometimes there are procedural things that law enforcement did not do correctly. A previous client of ours thought she was going to plead guilty to her DUI charge.

She did not realize there was a huge error law enforcement had made, which resulted in that case being dismissed. Had we not provided legal representation for her, she would have never known.

Be Cautious Of The Sentence

It should be noted that if you plan on pleading guilty, you do not know the sentence. Our attorneys can deal with the prosecutor’s office and the judge and lower the sentence. This means that what you would have been facing will be diminished.

If you have been arrested or you know someone who has been arrested and they plan on pleading guilty, warn them. It is very important to meet with someone to consult with them and talk about their options. Usually, what you initially think is going to happen can be lessened and the result will be much better than you expect.