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With millions of boats and other recreational vehicles in use, it is no wonder that there are tens of thousands of boating injuries, and numerous deaths each year associated with the negligent operation of such vehicles. Boats, jet skis, quad bikes, hand gliders and other personal watercraft are operated in all types of nautical environments.

Typically when operated for recreation, there is little or no required training or licensing requirements to operate such craft which can result in serious bicycle, person watercraft or jet ski accidents.  Operated in all kinds of weather, they are typically operated in congested traffic areas, making the situation for a recreational and jet ski accidents more likely to occur.

Jet ski accidents can result in serious injuries

The design of personal watercraft and boats generally, control power, stability, flotation and maneuverability. Adequate warnings with regard to appropriate power, and safe operation are necessary to protect the untrained consumer from boating or jet ski accidents caused by design. Typically these vehicles are designed for safe use in defined circumstances, and operation outside those boundaries can make the vehicle intrinsically unsafe to operate. Are you in need of an experienced jet ski accident attorney? Contact Carlson Meissner Hart & Hayslett P.A. today to speak with an experienced boat and jet ski accident attorney today.

ATVs and other land recreational vehicles are dangerous and often deadly

Land use recreational vehicles such as dirt bikes, three wheel, and four wheel off-road vehicles are also operated by persons who are generally not trained or licensed in the use of such machines.  Some are by design unstable, while all can lose stability/control when operated over uneven or rocky terrain. The recreational use of ATVs and bikes can lead to serious bicycle and ATV accidents. An experienced ATV accident lawyer can help determine liability in your ATV accident case. Contact our ATV accident lawyers for a free consultation.

Other recreational injuries relate to injuries received while using playground or outside recreational equipment.

Proving someone else’s negligence resulted in your injuries requires a skilled ATV accident or jet ski accident attorney

In all instances, the operator’s negligence will negate or mitigate any other legal liability for injuries received while using boats, recreational vehicles or recreational equipment.  If operated or used as directed, for the use reasonably intended, there may be liability for injuries on the part of the manufacturer or distributor when design issues or failure to warn issues are present. Boats and recreational vehicles must be designed to operate safely for the intended use of the vehicle or boat.
Injuries received as the result of the negligent installation of recreational equipment (e.g. swings; weight machines; bungee jumps) are actionable against the owner/operator/installer.

The negligent operation of boats and recreational vehicles can also result in liability on the part of the negligent operator.  With regard to boating accidents, the rules of navigation and the law of admiralty may apply in determining liability.  The trial of such cases may be in either Federal or State court.

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