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First Time Offenders

Diversion Programs

What is a Diversion Program?

Most states or jurisdictions offer first-time offenders diversion programs. This is essentially a fancy way to describe an​​ offering to a person who is charged with a crime (not a serious crime- typically, a misdemeanor or low level felony) with little or no prior record to get their case dismissed.

Imagine: you are charged for a crime, the government decides to prosecute you for that crime, but they offer you a way to complete a program which may involve community service hours and/or education classes. If you complete all of the requirements, the prosecuting authority agrees with you to dismiss the charges against you.

Some jurisdictions refer to diversion programs as “pre-trial intervention programs” or “misdemeanor intervention programs”. Whatever the name, the concept is the same. If you’ve been charged with a crime, and you have little to no prior record, you may be eligible to enter a diversion program and have your case dismissed (if you follow all the rules and requirement of the program).

These programs are very beneficial to first-time offenders. It allows them to have their case dismissed by doing some things upfront. So, if you’ve been arrested for a crime, you may want to seek the advice of a lawyer about whether you are eligible for a diversion program.

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