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Reputation Drives Business

Reputation Drives Business, Not Advertising

I’m Paul Meissner and I’m the senior managing partner of Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett and I’m here to tell you that I’m not just another pretty face. What I mean by that is - that I went to law school for the purpose of studying the law. Learning the law and applying the law to factual situations in the lives of real people. After law school, I spent years developing my legal skills and my reputation within the legal community and my community at large. At a time before lawyers were allowed to advertise. I received no training in marketing, in PR, or in advertising. Our early business came to this firm as the result of word-of-mouth, as the result of other lawyers who respected our abilities and referred clients to us, and as former clients returned to us for further representation. Personal experience with our clients and our reputation within the legal community and the community at large - that is why people hired us.

At some time in the past, all of that changed, the Supreme Court decided that lawyers were entitled to exercise free speech and as part of that right, lawyers were allowed to advertise and to market their skills. The practice of law today makes it difficult for consumers to determine whether they are dealing with a clever marketer, a clever PR firm, or with just a pretty face who cuts a great television ad. In today’s world if you have a legal issue, if you want to, talk to the brilliant marketers who images appear on television, in the backs of moving buses, on bus benches, on billboards, and in the Yellow Pages, but talk to them first. Talk to us at Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett last, before you commit to hire a lawyer.

We don’t claim to represent everyone; we don’t say we represent the workers, the injured, the downtrodden, the people, etc. We care about and only represent aggressively and zealously those persons, those individuals who place their trust and confidence in our desire and ability to help them receive what they are entitled to.



Paul A. Meissner, Jr., Esq.

Paul Meissner is a co-founding attorney of the Carlson & Meissner law firm, practicing in the areas of Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and Workers' Compensation from the Clearwater office. Paul received his J.D. from Tulane University, School of Law. Outside of the courtroom, Paul enjoys boating and traveling, especially on his Harley motorcycle. You can follow Paul onGoogle+.